Monday, November 21, 2016

Bible Journaling in Proverbs

This passage in Proverbs recently stood out to me as I was thanking God for leaders and friends. "Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17 As I reflected on this verse, I journaled in my bible using a combination of black pen, stamps, and watercolor pencils.
My first step was to write the key phrase in the margin. I gave it a free handed speech bubble shape and "pinned" on a small tack from the "Planner Notes to Self" Planner Stamps from SRM. I added a few more stamps from my favorite SRM-Faith stamp set, "Trust in the Lord." 
Then I grabbed my ColorIn watercolor pencils and shaded in the speed bubble and added a swatch of bright yellow on top of the crosses beneath it. It's so easy to get the smooth blending of colors with these pencils. I added a bit of white to help the tack stand out and finish it off. 
Thanking God for leaders, friends, and family who have sharpened me.

For this page I used:
"Planner Notes to Self" Planner Stamps"Trust in the Lord" Faith Stamps | ColorIn Watercolor Pencils and Waterbrush

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bible Journaling with Stamped Background

Many passages in scripture use light as a symbol or to refer to Jesus. In this passage in John 11, Jesus reminds His disciples, who are fearful of returning to Judea, to walk in the light and they will not stumble. I used the  "The Lord is my Light" stamp set to remind me to walk in the light and stay focused on Jesus when faced with fear or anxiety. 
To create the patterned background, I simply used a sun stamp from the set and stamped it repeatedly in oranges and yellows, heavier on the margin and lighter as it covered the text and the remainder of the page. Turning the sun in multiple directions with each stamping will keep the background from becoming too linear.  I cut a smaller piece of white cardstock for the margin and stamped it with the same sun, but in a lighter yellow. On top of that I stamped the sentiment and a border from the set. The lighter block sets the sentiment up for a powerful contrast.
How and where will you use this stamp set?

For this journaling page I used: