Monday, March 30, 2009

Super Saver

I've been having fun this week learning the ins and outs of couponing. There are big bucks to be saved and I'm getting in on it. I've linked a few of my favorite sites that I've found so far (on the right). This past week I made french dip sandwiches and veggies for less than $5 - we ate it two nights. Our Gian Grocery store also has awesome "meal deals" each week. Last week I bought a bag of Tyson chicken strips for $5.99 (with coupon) and got FREE: large apple juice, quart of Edy's ice cream and bag of frozen crispy french fries! This week the deal is a rotisserie chicken (yum)at $6.99 and free 2-liter 7-up and free bag of Dole salad. I'll start keeping track for April and am excited to see how much I can save on groceries. Since my income is no longer coming in, I feel good about saving on the grocery bill.
Hannah is eating cereal now before bed - she seems to take it well and digests it fine (everything works its way out just perfectly) - and it gives us all a couple more hours of sleep - yippee!

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