Monday, October 17, 2011

ABCs and 123s

Earlier this fall I decided I would start a "Letter of the Week" with H.  My philosophy behind this is simple.  It would give us a jumping point for activities for the week.  H. is almost 3 and like any 3 year old, I imagine, she likes to be busy.  Yes, we are definitely learning (H. is a genius :)).  Yes, we are producing beautiful works of art (H. is super talented :)).  Yes, we are having fun!  And there have been all sorts of added benefits I've discovered - like fun interactive fb posts, menu planning has become easier, it gives daddy something specific to ask H. about at the dinner table and H. loves to show what she's done or learned.

I'm following the letter order that my local schools use in Kindergarten.At the beginning of the week (okay, Sunday night) I start looking at a few homeschool and preschool websites for letter ideas.  I also have been posting on fb for ideas - my family and friends provide LOTS!  So far, we have gone through letters A, B, M, T, R, S, and N.  Here are a few of our favorite photos from our activities.  
M Box and "Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" magnet game.

Spider cookies

R is for Rainbow

R box with Peter Rabbit
2 Bs side by side to make a Butterfly.  H. decorated with Buttons.
T is for Tea Party!

R is for Rainbow Fish
S lunch: shoe, stars, strawberries, spinach
Each week I simply make a list of words for the week, look through H.'s toy bins, books, flash cards, etc. to put a box together.  I decide on at least one craft, but also print off coloring pages and dot-a-dot pages.  I'm not actively trying to get her to write letters (though she does some) - more just recognizing the letters and learning to associate letters with words, and later, reading.  I want this to be fun for her.  If she's not in the mood, I don't force her.  I leave the box out for her to play with all week.  Sometimes we really get into it, sometimes not so much.  I will try to post a weekly letter activity round up in the future, as well as a list of other helpful blogs and websites.

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