Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lenten Journal Journaling...Preparing

Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. My Lenten journey will included journaling in a special notebook I created from an old hymnal.
I removed the pages of the hymnal and added elastic straps to hold folded paper notebooks (dori-style). I used some of the hymnal pages, scrapbook papers, and a few other odds and ends to create a unique place to respond to my scripture and devotional readings for this special season.
I decided to follow along with Sacred Holidays this year and purchased their devotion booklet. It includes a word a day prompt as well as written daily devotions. I'll also utilize my Portals of Prayer and other readings as they come up.
My goal is to be in my bible and journal each day - each morning to be exact - before I jump online to check e-mails and read Facebook and social media posts. It can turn into a big distractor and time waster for me, so it should not be my first focus in the mornings.

This morning's word is "messy" and the scripture readings included Genesis 3:19 and Isaiah 61:3. Such a great way to begin Lent. Life can be messy. Relationships can be messy. We ourselves are messy. Our sins contribute to that mess and the black ashes many of us will receive on our foreheads today are an outward representation of our sinful selves. During this season of Lent we are called to examine our messes and repent of them. And then we receive. We cover ourselves in ashes, but God - but God - He sends His Son to us and places on our heads beautiful headresses, annoints us in sweet-smelling oil, and we dress in a garment of praise. (see Isaiah 61:3) 

Want to know more about this sacred season? Watch this video.

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