Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, New Bible

This morning I reflected on Sunday's sermon and did some journaling in my Bible. The passage, the Aaronic Blessing in Numbers Chapter 6, had previously been journaled, but I used my watercolor pencils to bring some more colors to the page as I reflected on the words of the Lord's blessing.
The Lord blesses and keeps me, shines His face on me. He does this weekly in a special way as I sit in the pew for Sunday services, alongside my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and hear and receive His very real presence in Word and Sacrament. 
As we were leaving I was struck by the beauty of the window's reflection and the rays of sunlight highlighted by the smoke of the candles. As I was taking a few photos, my daughter ran in and stood in the midst of it all. The Lord's blessing upon her. His very real presence and peace.
He strengthens my faith as I spend time in the Word throughout the week. As I look through this Bible I see and remember how God has walked alongside me these last two years. 

Look how it has expanded past its covers, bursting its bindings with my added notes and journaling.
Yes, this is just paper and paint, but the Word! Oh the Word! Living and active! Accomplishing all the Father has willed for it to do!

I'm sort of sad that I really need to set this one aside and begin in another Bible. But also excited and confident that I do not walk alone. 

I pulled photos of my top 100 journaling entries from 2016 and created a simple slideshow. It includes entries from my journaling Bible as well as the notebooks/journals I used for special seasons and/or studies. Showing 100 photos takes 8 minutes, so play your own soundtrack and grab a cup of something to sip on! 

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  1. Your blog is a treasure that I only recently discovered. Your enthusiasm for God's word is terrific and the way you reinforce it creatively is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your love for the Lord and the creative talent he has given you.