Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joy of Love - Days 5-8 Catch-Up

 Day 5 - what you LOVE to hate...moments when Hannah is crabby, screaming, crying, whining, being a typical 2 year old.  Thank goodness these moments are short-lived.

Day 6 - who they LOVE...Hannah loves her daddy! These aren't my favorite shots of them together, but it's a typical shot of an end of the day exchange.  A little belly busting and laughing.  Sweetness.

 Day 7 - Generations...this one was difficult.  We don't live near family, but Hannah still has their love, I know.  I try to make sure she recognizes her grandparents through photos - our albums, facebook, and little cards.  Here she's looking at a picture of Grammy (what she started calling her on her last visit).

Day 8 - Love from the many options here because we are truly blessed.  I chose a few hand-made things.  Anyone who knows me knows I love anything handmade.  Here are 4 afghans, or "bankies" as Hannah calls them, that we've received for Hannah.  I can't knit or crochet, so these are even more special.  They are soft and warm and absolutely beautiful.  They keep my daughter comfy cozy.  They are gifts of love for sure.

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