Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

I'm delighted that cooler weather is moving in to our area.  I'm ready for fall.  It's time to wear jeans again, dig out my sweaters, and layer it up.  It's time for crunching leaves and drinking hot drinks while you wait your turn to jump into the leaf pile (it's okay to still do that after 40, right?)  It's time for hunting (yes, I do!)  It's time to decorate with warm colors and pumpkins.  I was excited to see that some of the things I had made last year survived the year in the attic and still look good.  I especially love the simple paper pennants tied with twine to sticks and poked into a canning jar filled with popcorn seeds.  I added the little scarecrow this year.  My banner (see this post) also made it and I still love it!  Happy Fall Ya'll!

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  1. It finally cooled for us too in SoCal! :)

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