Sunday, May 4, 2014

National Scrapbook Day Layouts

Well, another National Scrapbook Day has come and gone and I, sadly, was unable to attend a crop (sniff, sniff).  I did, however, manage to squeeze in 3 layouts in honor of the day.  The rest of the day was spent yard sale-ing with my daughter, making a flower pot with my daughter at the Home Depot build-it workshop, grocery shopping, playing Little Pet Shop (with my daughter and her yard sale finds).  All in all, it was a good day.  Some day, my daughter and I might go to a crop together, but right now she's only 5, so Little Pet Shop pets is more her pace and style.  I'll take it.  She won't be little forever.

Here a my 3 layouts that I completed on Saturday.  I was happy to get them done as they got me closer to the end of May 2013, and I'm still within a year for my daughter's scrapbook.

Thanks for checking in!

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