Monday, August 3, 2015

Bible Journaling Wrap Up

Here is some of my Bible art from the last couple of weeks. I love paging through my Bible to look at all the art, but find myself stopping to read the words, too. I also find that I am able to bring forth the verses I've worked on much easier in my mind. This Bible Journaling has helped sink God's Word into my heart and I am excited and grateful for that. 
Acts 17:28 watercolor, stickers, white pen

This is one of my favorites! Psalm 42 Watercolors, micron pen, stamp

2 Corinthians 5:17 Acrylic paints, stickers, micron pen

Mark 6:50-51 Boat Tip In/Page Flap - micron pen, water colors

inside of tip in - poem by Martin Luther

A little challenge for myself to draw this whale across the two pages of Jonah. Micron pen, watercolor pencils, white pen

Amos 5 acrylic paint and washi background; altered stamps, micron pen, gold sharpie

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