Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Revival Camp - Week 1 "Ignite" Journaling

Week one of camp has been awesome and my time in the Word and reflecting and being challenged by the devotion has resulted in several pages in my journal. I'm excited to see where God takes me in this study. Nehemiah (1:3-11) sets a good example for us in taking his passion and stirring heart for Jerusalem to God in prayer before jumping into action. Waiting on God's timing is so hard, but will set us up for better alignment with Him and His very best plans for us.

For this week in my journal, I used several of the printables, including the devotion itself, some washi tape, a die cut fire (Cricut), a few extra stickers, and paints/inks. On the first page especially, I did a lot of writing and notetaking with my micron pens as I studied the passage.

As I spent time in God's Word and my journal over a few days, I felt these words standing out to me as God's good gifts to me and also as descriptors of the things I do that stir my heart and passion - TEACH, ENCOURAGE, CREATE, SHARE, INSPIRE. I've been a teacher in some form or another nearly my whole life. I love that these words can be applied in so many different situations as seasons change and God calls me to use these gifts in new and exciting ways and places.

The author of the devotion (Tonya Hamilton) wrote, "He also births new dreams in new seasons, so be open to the way He directs you." Ummmm, YES! When I look back and see how God has directed me to put my gifts into action in my past, I am so thankful and so excited for how he's going to use me in the now and future. My prayer is that I hear Him well and let Him lead the way. I hope that you are also letting Him lead the way in your life!

It's not too late to get started in this study. Here's the LINK to Revival Camp at the Illustrated Faith site.


  1. and you to a great job with creating, teaching, sharing, inspiring and encouraging! what a blessing you are!

    1. I appreciate you saying that - thank you!