Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Daily 5 Chart

Yep - mean mom here. I actually make my 7 year old daughter do stuff in the summer besides watching tv or playing on the computer/iPad all day long. Actually, I don't believe I'm mean at all and most days neither does my daughter (most days). She has a lazy morning and then electronics get turned turned off until she completes her Daily 5. We got the idea from her classroom last year in which she had a daily 5 list of activities.

After coming up with our Daily 5 categories (we kept them pretty broad for lots of flexibility with activities), I typed them up and printed them out. For this project I used the thinnest papers I could find in my stash so the magnets would still work.  The board is an old (like from my teaching days) magnetic white board. I decorated with a die cut title from my Cricut, a few random stickers, and SRM sticker stitches.

For the magnets I also pulled from my stash - wood tiles painted with acrylics and a magnet glued on the back. She moves the magnet to the right once she completes a category.

This works pretty well for us. Personally, I like summers to be kind of lazy, with lots of creative playtime and outdoor adventures. Our chart reminds us to brush our teeth even if we're not going anywhere, get away from screens for a bit and see what else there is to do, help with a few chores, and learn some new things. It's flexible enough for everyday application and can be suspended when outside activities or camps/classes are scheduled.  So far so good. :)

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