Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Fabulous Finds for Your Friday

Take a few minutes this fabulous Friday to enjoy some amazing eye candy and do-it-yourself inspiration.  On this first day of April, I'm thinking about breezy spring days made for flying kites high in the air, the twinkling sound of wind chimes chiming, and appreciating the cozy warmth of family and home.

1.  Make your own adorable, amazing kite!   This is more than just a little paper diamond.  I saw some kites flying last week, and was inspired to find a few diy tutorials.  It may be beyond H.'s scope right now, but they are so darn cute!  We may start with a simple paper bag kite first.

2.  Another wind related project I am interested in making is wind chimes.  H. loves them, too, and wants to "ding" them all the time.  I thought we could hang one from her swingset.  This is a great tutorial for using silverware: click here to make a fun wind chime from old silverware.  I hope Goodwill has stocked up on silverware.

3.  Visit Ashley's beautiful blog - beautiful photos and a beautiful reminder to fill your home with the unseen.  Looks like a new mini album / photography project to me.  As if I needed another reason to take pictures and scrapbook :). 

4. This is hilarious!  A beautiful cupcake that - April Fool's - is really meatloaf and potatoes!  Dessert for dinner - yummy.  The link will have additional creative ideas for "fooling" your family at dinner tonight.

5. My 5th fabulous find arrived with my visiting sister and brother last week.  My oldest sister, Kathy, knitted a beautiful dress for my daughter.  I cannot knit, so I consider her work amazing.  Hannah agreed that it is a very pretty dress and of course she looks adorable in it.  There is a super cute hat to match, but Miss H. is not in the mood for hats as of late.

Oh - yes, those are two plastic snakes that Miss H. is holding.  A remnant of a practical joke from the Women's Retreat Weekend (what happens in Williamsburg, stays in Williamsburg), they are now among H.'s favorite toys.  Last night she covered them up and put the "snakies" to bed before we put her down for the night.  She cracks us up!

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