Friday, September 28, 2012


We had a fun morning reading the children's book, Shoe-la-la, by Karen Beaumont.  This is the second time that Hannah has borrowed this book from the library.  Her favorite line is "Sparkly diamonds, pretty pearls, Ritzy, glitzy Glamour Girls!"  It's a cute story of 4 little girls trying on a gazillion pairs of shoes at the "Shoe-la-la" shoe store in search of the perfect pair.  Alas, they go home with nothing but tired feet, only to discover the joy of creating their own unique pair of shoes!  So, what did we do after reading the book (a gazillion times)?  We decorated shoes, of course.  I used the Forever Young cartridge to cut a few large pairs of shoes out of cardstock and Hannah helped me gather the decorating supplies.  As you can see, we used lots of glue, glitter, sparkly bits and pieces, buttons, flowers, feathers, and more.  I did help some, but Hannah was the main artist.  A fun morning crafting with my girl.

 Artist at work.
 Love the glitter glue smiley faces!
Look at those gorgeous shoes!

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