Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's on Your Craft Table?

What's on your craft table today?  I know I am very blessed to actually have a table that I can really call my craft table - as opposed having to work at the family kitchen or dining table.  I love that I can leave a project out for a few days and work on it as my schedule allows - even it means just minutes at a time.  I know I would not get nearly as many projects finished if I had to pack everything up and set it out the next day.  So, here's a photo of today's lovely mess.

Today you get a sneaky peek at one of the wreaths I made for my next new class over at My Creative Classroom - Welcoming Wreaths: Spring Edition.  I also worked on making several birthday cards for this month (and a few extras while I was at it).  Both of the design ideas came from Pinterest - I just used what I had on hand to make them my own.  Not pictured, but also worked on today - a cute little birthday banner for my daughter's 4th Birthday and a set of simple birthday hats we can wear to celebrate!

So, really, what's on your craft table?

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