Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cute Critter Valentines

Hannah and I finished her class Valentines over the weekend.  I asked her to choose 1 or 2 images for her Valentines from the Create a Critter cartridges.  I really hoped she was going to choose an owl (because I love owls), but despite my attempts at persuasion, she didn't (sniff).  She chose a kitty and a birdie for the girls.  The bird with the heart wing didn't have a hat, but H. insisted that it needed one, so we cut the hats from another page.  I love that she has her own artistic/creative eye.  Her choice for the boys was the cute fire dog.  One of her classmates really loves all things fireman and fire engine related, so all the boys are getting this puppy.  She helped me choose the paper colors and then we cut all the pieces out with the Cricut.  She and I glued all the layers together.  She did much better placing and fitting things together than I anticipated, so my OCD didn't kick in too much.  :)  Then we put together a few items in baggies (pencil, erasers, notebook, stickers) and taped the finished critters to the baggies with a cute sentiment on the back.  She can't wait to take them to school for her friends!

Birdies and Kitties for the girls.
Fire house Puppies for the boys.

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  1. I agree with Hannah - the hat really makes the bird!