Friday, March 28, 2014

Lenten Photo a Day Challenge - Day 24: Walk

I took my dog for a walk yesterday. Or, more accurately, she took me for a walk.  She is 60 lbs of puppy stubbornness right now when on a leash.  She wants to go at her own pace (very fast followed by stopping in her tracks to sniff at something unseen, but probably gross) and in her own direction (off the road and into the mud and grassy marsh).  God doesn't keep us on a leash, but I imagine we act much like my 8 month old puppy.  We are x number of pounds of human stubbornness from time to time.  For myself, I've tried to rush God and tried to slow Him down with my own plans.  I've wandered from His directed path and gotten muddy.  This isn't anything new to God.  In the book of Jeremiah, God shares through the prophet His view of His children, repeating how they have walked in stubbornness, walked into sideways and not the highway, failed to walk in His law and statutes (Jeremiah7:24, 11:8, 18:15, 44:10).  But that's not how God wants it.  He longs to bring us onto his pathways and keep us from stumbling (Jeremiah 31:9).  In the New Testament, John encourages us to walk in the light, the truth, and in love (1 John 1:7, 2 John 1:4-6).  A few more months and many more walks and I know our puppy will be a pro at walking and jogging alongside me without pulling my elbow apart.  I only hope and pray that I'll be better at walking alongside my God - in His light, truth, and love.

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