Friday, March 7, 2014

Lenten Photo a Day - Day 3: Test

Lenten Photo a Day Challenge - Day 3: Test
"Sharpen your pencils! It's time for a test."  Do these words strike fear? anxiety? excitement?  I think we all approach tests differently.  Our confidence often depends on how well prepared we feel.  In my school years, I actually liked tests - at least the pen and pencil kind.  The tests of life? hmmm, not so much.  They are much harder.  I'm not always confident of the outcome.  I don't always feel very prepared to meet the standards.  In school, there was a study guide - usually I knew the content and could prepare.  In this life it's a little harder.  Tests may come up unexpectedly and the content may be unfamiliar territory.  So, how do we prepare for the pop quizzes of life?  Thankfully, we do have a study guide - the Bible.  No, we may not always know what's coming up next, but when we are in the Word we, in essence, keep our pencils sharpened.  Scripture gives us many examples of people - ordinary people like you and me - who respond to life's tests and, by relying on God, His strength, His example, His power, they remain steadfast under life's trials.  God doesn't leave us to take the test alone.  We can daily sharpen our pencils and equip ourselves through the Word to face the tests of life.

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