Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lenten Photo a Day Challenge - Day 28: Path

When we walk through the woods, my husband constantly points out deer and animal trails.  "Do you see that?"  he'll ask me, pointing towards the trees.  A good 85% of the time, I do not see what he sees.  He has a good eye for picking out the trampled leaves and immediately sees the winding path through the woods that deer or other animals take.  I have 2 tree stands that I feel comfortable walking out to find on my own during hunting season.  If any other location is suggested ("the one down below the big rock, to the left of the crooked tree, but before you get to the thorny patch"), I get a blank look on my face.  "Uh, you'll have to walk me out there," I respond.  When I'm in the woods, I rely on my husband's expertise.  
When navigating the paths of this life, I need to remind myself to rely on God.  He's the one with the keen eye.  He's the one who sees the path I need to take.  He's so, so eager to offer His expertise if only I would defer to His judgement a little more often. Psalm 16:11 reminds me to do just that.  It's a good prayer to pray.  Make known to me the path of life, Oh my Lord, that I may feel joy in your presence!  

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